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M.P. Kurek Appointed to Ethics Committee

Ottawa, ON – Member of Parliament Damien Kurek has been appointed to the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics. The committee is also known by the acronym ETHI.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government will face the ETHI committee that consists of mainly opposition MPs. I cannot overstate how important the principles of good governance are in a free and democratic society,” Kurek stated regarding his committee assignment. “I, along with my Conservative colleagues, will use this parliamentary procedure to hold the Liberals to account.”

The Prime Minister has committed numerous ethics violations and has broken the trust of Canadians by displaying a complete and utter disregard for our democratic institutions as seen over the last five years. The Liberal Government will have to answer for their failings.”

As the MP for Battle River-Crowfoot, a constituency in rural Alberta, Mr. Kurek is looking forward to the opportunity to hold the Liberal Government to account and bring a common-sense perspective to the committee.

Canada’s Conservatives will fight hard for the integrity of our governing bodies and will work tirelessly to restore trust in the Canadian democratic institutions.

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