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Liberals Deny Canadians a Choice on the Carbon Tax

On April 1st, the Liberal-NDP costly coalition will raise the carbon tax by a whopping 23 percent, the next step in their plan to increase it to 170 dollars a ton. Conservatives gave the MPs from the Liberal backbench, the NDP, and Bloc Quebecois a chance to stand up for Canadians and their constituents and stop the forthcoming hike… but they chose instead to continue to prop up the Government.

This tax hike is coming at the worst possible time. Canadians are struggling after eight years of Prime Minister Trudeau’s inflationary spending and taxes. MPs had a chance to listen to their constituents and bring some desperately needed relief this week on two occasions. They could have voted for a Common-Sense Conservative motion Wednesday to spike the hike, but they didn’t, which is why Pierre Poilievre introduced a motion of non-confidence this past week.

This past Thursday, Conservatives debated, and Parliament voted on a confidence motion to give Canadians a carbon tax election. The NDP and Bloc could have voted to give Canadians the power, but they did not. The Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition instead abandoned their constituents and decided to prop up the historically unpopular Liberal Prime Minister in the twilight of his disastrous Government. In fact, since NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, was elected the NDP have voted with Trudeau on 93% of confidence votes, and all confidence votes since the 2021 election.

Seventy percent of Canadians oppose Justin Trudeau’s April 1st tax hike, and seventy percent of provincial premiers – including the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador and provincial Liberal parties in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick – have asked the Prime Minister to stop this painful tax increase before it’s too late. But the truth is that the costly coalition is no longer listening to Canadians.

While the Liberals crow about how great everything is going for them, all while Canadians are hurting. The left-leaning coalition whose policies are dominating the public agenda of the nation are causing economic misery for so many. A simple example of this is skyrocketing food bank usage, of which these essential community organizations that have always been there for those who need it are expecting to see a million more people, only more devastation on top of last year’s record usage.

Justin Trudeau has created the worst economic conditions since the great depression, and Canadians have lost faith in his Government. Only Common-Sense Conservatives will axe the tax, bring home lower prices for everyone, and lead a government that you can trust.

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1 Comment

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt
Apr 04

Quick question Damien, where are your sources for this information because in this post and your letter regarding taxes you provided zero sources on any of the stats you cited. because if you provide no sources how can I as a constituent trust that what you are saying is the truth?

Another question regarding the leader of your party Pierre Poilievre AKA PP: if he is so anti tax, why was he associated with a premier who is adding to the tax burden of Canadians and then also wants corporations to pay less taxes but at the same time is being critical of the current party in power for not helping Canadian(How can the Liberal government help the Canadian peopl…

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