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Bringing it Home

Ever since a record number of members of the Conservative Party of Canada elected Pierre Poilievre as its Leader in September of 2021, he has been hard at work.


This work includes his role as Leader of the Official Opposition in holding the Liberal Government, propped up by the NDP, accountable. This work in Parliament is why so many issues with mismanagement, corruption, and bad policy are coming to light. It is also where Pierre and the entire team of common-sense Conservatives can ensure that the voices of regular Canadians are heard in Parliament.


When he announced that he would run for Leader of the Party, Pierre made it clear that he was starting his campaign to become Prime Minister. And in that process, a vision of hope for the country was outlined. Many folks think of Pierre as the prosecutor who exposes Liberal corruption, and he is, but in the last year and a half, since becoming Leader, he has shown how, with skill and hard work, we can work together to get Canada back on track. In his many rallies and tours, he reassures Canadians of a better future and economic opportunity, being proud of our nation and its people, removing censorship, cutting red tape, and giving Canadians back control of their lives. This has been summed up by talking about the need to, “Bring it Home.”


There are many components which go into an election platform and policy to shape the future of our nation. To ensure all Canadians know and trust what Pierre and our Conservative team are going to do, we have summed it up straightforwardly… Conservatives will axe the tax, build homes, fix the budget, and stop the crime.


Justin Trudeau, along with the Liberal Party and the NDP, are tired and corrupt. Recently, the ArriveScam Scandal has dominated headlines, but it’s a continuation of a trend of the disrespect the Liberals have for taxpayers and the rule of law, assuming accountability doesn’t apply to them. While this makes headlines in big spending scandals, I see every day in their attitude.


All these issues ring true for the residents of Battle River—Crowfoot, examples like: Rural Canada faces the brunt of the unfair and ineffective carbon tax as well as the many policies designed to punish Canadian ingenuity and hold back our country’s economic growth. There is a growing issue of homelessness in our local communities which would have been unheard of only a few short years ago. While young people struggle to buy homes, seniors are being forced to sell their homes to make ends meet. Folks around here know budgets don’t balance themselves, and the bill eventually comes due. We also know our justice system needs an overhaul. There is unprecedented crime on both our town streets and gravel range roads… catch and release doesn’t work.


We are working diligently to hold the Liberals to account and to show Canadians a common-sense plan that will restore the hope and promise of Canada after the next election. It is an honour to serve the people of Battle River—Crowfoot alongside Pierre Poilievre and the national Conservative team. This is a Leader and a team who listens to what Canadians, including rural Canadians, need and who respect them. It is time to bring home Canadian taxpayers' safety and hard-earned income, ensuring they can own their homes, and prosper.

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Please explain how the Conservatives will axe the tax, build homes, fix the budget, and stop the crime.

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