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Members of Parliament research many different subjects in order to be able to fulfill their duties to serve constituents. Below is the research that my staff and I have completed to ensure accountability within the Government, answer constituent questions, and more. This page is meant to ensure that constituents, stakeholders, other parliamentarians, the media, and researchers have access to the information I have obtained.

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Order Paper Questions (OPQs)

With regard to expenditures on, and use of, isolation or quarantine accommodations during the pandemic:

(a) how many (i) foreigners, (ii) Canadian citizens or permanent residents have required the government to provide isolation or quarantine accommodations since August 1, 2020; (b) what is the total amount spent by the government on such accommodations since August 1, 2020, broken down by month; (c) what are the details of all such accommodations and in which municipalities and provinces are such accommodations located, including (i) municipality, (ii) province or territory, (iii) type of facility (hotel, dorm rooms, etc.); and (d) are individuals requiring such accommodations required to reimburse the taxpayer for the cost associated with the accommodation and, if so, how much has been received in reimbursements (i) prior to August 1, 2020, (ii) since August 1, 2020?

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With regard to grants and contributions under $25,000 provided by Western Economic Diversification Canada since January 1, 2018:

What are the details of each, including (i) date of funding, (ii) recipient, (iii) location, (iv) project description?

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With regard to the Canada Revenue Agency:

What is the number of audits performed on small businesses since 2015, broken down by year and by province or territory?

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With regard to defence procurements that have been delayed, since January 1, 2016:

What is the complete list of procurements that have been delayed and what are the details of each procurement, including (i) original procurement date, (ii) revised procurement date, (iii) description of goods or services being procured, (iv) reason for the delay?

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