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Respecting the Rule of Law

On January 23rd, the Federal Court ruled that Justin Trudeau broke the highest law in the land by invoking the Emergencies Act, finding PM Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Act directly violated Canadians’ most essential rights. But this was not surprising to Canadians.


Since 2015, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party have shown a flagrant disregard for the rule of law… something which is showcased in serial lawbreaking, their disdain for ethics, and scandal after scandal. For Canadians, this is yet another show that Justin Trudeau is not fit for the role he has.


So, the conclusion of the Federal Court was expected by many. It was a clear violation of Canadians’ rights to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression. And on top of this, the Federal Court found that the use of the Act was not consistent with the law and said, “the reasons provided for the decision to declare a public order emergency do not satisfy the requirements of the Emergencies Act and that certain of the temporary measures adopted to deal with the protests infringed provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”


But the problem is much deeper than one instance… it is a pattern which is leading to a loss of trust in our institutions and chaos on our streets. Instead of dealing with the true criminals and standing up for victims, Justin Trudeau has chosen an ideological approach which is soft on crime.  As well, he leads the nation in a way that shows contempt for the law. And the evidence is shocking: violent crime is up 40%, sex crimes against children are up a shocking 126%, and car thefts are up by more than 33%. It is unbelievable the Trudeau Liberals are standing by their catch-and-release Bill C-75, which allows repeat offenders to be released on bail within hours of their arrest, while they continue to support their law-breaking leader.


Canadians deserve better. Conservatives will respect the rule of law. We will repeal catch-and-release rules in Justin Trudeau’s Bills C-75 and C-5 to ensure repeat offenders get jail, not bail. This along with common sense measures will increase penalties for dangerous repeat offenders, provide meaningful programs that reduce recidivism, deal with organized crime, and ensure that victims’ rights are protected.


One of the issues dominating headlines recently is vehicle theft. Just last week I was told about a local story where two stolen service trucks sped through the community (including the school zone) at a dangerous speed. Rural and urban communities alike are not feeling safe anymore with police left with few options. This has also led to skyrocketing insurance rates. And recently, we have seen devastating examples of crimes being committed in an increasingly flagrant way, domestic disputes turning deadly in public, murders by recently released offenders, organized crime ruling our streets, and massive increases in the rates of fraud.


Not only does there seem to be an ideological aversion to the Liberals standing up to criminals, but it’s hardly surprising when the lawlessness is led by the Prime Minister himself, who has already been found to be in violation of the Ethics Act at least twice. A Poilievre-led Conservative Government will return Canada to a country that honours and respects the rule of law, puts victims first, keeps repeat violent offenders behind bars, and provides hope for those caught in the poisonous cycle of addiction. Please feel free to reach out and share your stories, how you feel about our justice system, and your ideas to fix it. As your MP, I want to hear from you.

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