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Canada is Broken. It’s the Conservatives Who Will Fix It.

At every turn, the Liberals find a way to pit Canadians against each other and have stopped at nothing to do so at the great expense of our democracy, economy, and the pride we have in our nation. The Liberals have built themselves up by tearing Canada down, and now we are seeing the ramifications of this.

A government that resorts to the tactics of division and antagonism to stay in power defeats the purpose of why we have a parliamentary democracy in the first place. Instead of working for Canadians, the Liberals have chosen to subscribe to the distorted view that they are right and that those who oppose their vision are the enemy. A diversity of perspectives is what democracy thrives on, and unfortunately, this is lost under the current Prime Minister and his Government.

To gauge just how out of touch the Liberals are with everyday Canadians, look no further than the Prime Minister’s comments made last year on monetary policy; he stated that he doesn’t think about monetary policy. This begs the question, what does he think the government’s role should be in supporting Canada’s economy and the folks who rely on its proper functioning for a paycheck to support their families? More recently, the Deputy Prime Minister & Finance Minister told Canadians that their financial woes could be resolved by cancelling their Disney+ subscription.

The Liberals’ economic agenda is not compassion, it’s complicity in fiscal malfeasance. The carbon tax, which was designed to make life more expensive to change behaviour; anti-energy policies, which are shutting down the oil and gas industry; the $54-million ArriveCAN app, and other border measures, used as a means for the Liberals to stunt post-pandemic travel. These economic impediments are used by the Liberals to ensure that the Prime Minister and his cronies are the ones choosing the winners and losers.

The Liberals have used billions of taxpayer dollars to create an illusion of compassion and drown out the voices of those who disagree. This needs to stop.

The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party that is willing to put in the hard work to address the issues plaguing Canada. We will dismantle the senseless red tape, fix the dire financial situation in this country, and remove the gatekeepers.

The Liberal-NDP Coalition will continue to cater to special interest groups, champagne socialists, and masquerade as social justice advocates while Canadians suffer as a result of their negligence, poor judgment, and corruption.

It is an honour to be the Member of Parliament for Battle River—Crowfoot and to have the opportunity to be a part of the team led by Pierre Poilievre that is ready to unify our nation, bring sense back to Ottawa, and allow Canadians to prosper again.

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