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Liberal Tax Hikes Tone-Deaf as Recession Fears Grow

On Wednesday, Chrystia Freeland finally admitted what Conservatives have worried about for years; Canada is falling into economic despair. This is the result of the Liberals’ reckless spending, the absurd taxation of Canadians, and the record inflation that has swept through Canada from coast to coast to coast. And still the Bank of Canada is struggling to bring down inflation at 6.9%, which is more than triple the target set by the Bank of Canada.

In a flagrant display of hypocrisy, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland stated in reference to aiding Canadians through the upcoming financial crisis, “if we were to try to do that, we would be pouring fuel on the inflationary flames, we would just be making the Bank of Canada’s job harder and ensuring that inflation lasted longer and that rates went up even higher.” In other words, the Liberals spent all of the “fiscal firepower” that Minister Freeland was boasting about earlier.

The Liberals’ over-spending has not only exacerbated the inflationary crisis and created a recession but, now it has left the Government in a position where they cannot help Canadians through the next crisis, one the Liberals contributed to.

As Canada’s economic situation worsens, analysts and economists from the major banks are calling for a recession in the coming months. Yet, the Liberal Government has doubled down on its failed fiscal policies that have left Canadians scrabbling to pay their bills. One of the main culprits of the Liberal-induced affordability crisis is the carbon tax, especially when it comes to groceries and nutritious food. It is economic despair served three ways. Farmers have had to pay more for fuel in the production of food, then pass the excess costs on to merchants, who in turn, pass the extra costs on to Canadians who are just trying to provide nutritious food for their families.

It didn’t have to be this way. The Liberal Government could have curbed their spending and worked to avoid supply chain issues. Instead, the Liberals played politics with Canada’s natural resource sector by its imposition of the Carbon Tax, sabotaging cross-border trade with the rights infringing trucker mandate, and leaving Canadians to flip the bill for all the debts their government has incurred. Canadians are paying more, getting less, and barely getting by, something I hear from constituents daily.

A Poilievre Government would stick to basics; enable Canadians to succeed by eliminating gatekeepers and needless red tape, repealing the Carbon Tax and other inflation-causing policies that will no doubt become the legacy of Justin Trudeau, and adopt responsible spending policies such as capping inflation-causing government spending with a Pay-As-You-Go Law requiring the government to find a dollar of savings for each new dollar of spending.

Fiscal accountability is important, and Canadians can turn to Conservatives to ensure that the reign of Justin Trudeau’s abuse of tax dollars is put to an end. It is an honour to represent Battle River-Crowfoot in the House of Commons, and fight for you.

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