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A Desperately Needed Holiday

“Most Canadians ‘really need’ a vacation, poll shows. But can they afford it?” – Global News

“Majority of Canadians plan to stay close to home on this year’s summer vacation, survey finds” – CTV News

These are just a couple of headlines that speak to the outlook Canadian families face this coming summer. We are dealing with unprecedented financial strains from tax hikes, inflation, interest rate increases, and other economic pressures. It can be especially felt with the rising costs of gas, groceries, and household utilities, and that has eliminated the prospect of a summer holiday while so many are working more just to make ends meet… or like I hear from so many, are solely falling behind.  

After nine years of NDP/Liberal policies, Canadians are the ones facing the brunt of this Government’s fiscal and monetary mismanagement. A few examples of this are the nearly $3,000 that an average Alberta family pays in the Liberal carbon tax yearly, the $700 increase nationally for the average family’s cost of groceries per year, and the skyrocketing food bank usage that we see everywhere from small towns to big cities. We know this is true, not only from headlines and surveys but from the stories you share with me, many of which are heartbreaking.

Common Sense Conservatives, led by Pierre Poilievre, are listening to Canadians and are calling on the Government to take a small and practical step to give all Canadians a much-needed break. We have proposed a “federal fuel tax holiday” in the form of a motion to give a temporary break from all federal fuel taxes from now until Labour Day. This proposal eliminates the carbon tax, the federal fuel tax and the GST on gasoline and diesel until September 2nd.

While Conservatives will not stop fighting to axe the carbon tax and provide permanent tax relief to Canadians, this temporary proposal is meant to be a nonpartisan measure to give folks a much-needed chance to get ahead. For the average Alberta family, this would amount to $955 in savings, something I know would be put to good use by everyone who benefits. And we know that this estimate is low for so many rural families that depend on their cars and trucks to get around.

Two men, MP Damien C Kurek and leader of Canada's Official Opposition, Pierre Poilievre, shake hands
Meeting with Hon. Pierre Poilievre

Canadians need this tax break to catch up on bills or even be able to afford a modest vacation. It is time for the Trudeau Liberal Government to prioritize the well-being of its citizens by providing much-needed common-sense relief.

It is time to give you, and all Canadians, the summer tax holiday that is so deserved.

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