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Thank You

When I was first elected in 2019, it was with a platform of good governance, strong representation, and common-sense conservative solutions. I never deviated in my pursuit of these principles. On September 20, 2021, it was an honour to be elected once again as your Member of Parliament. I am grateful and thankful to all constituents for this opportunity to fight for the region I call home. Our ingenuity, innovation, and resilience even in the toughest of times is one of the things that make Battle River-Crowfoot such an incredible place.

There are many thank you’s that need to be said after an election. First, I need to thank Danielle, my boys, and the rest of my family. Politics takes one away from their family a lot, and Danielle has been my rock. Also, thank you to my election team, staff, and EDA who put their heart into making sure that we had a strong campaign and presence in this constituency during the election, and each and everyday in between. Thank you as well to all those who worked in the election process, especially as it was so last minute and under challenging circumstances. I would also like to thank the other candidates for taking part in the democratic process. Ideas, platforms, and party loyalties aside, I respect anyone who puts their name on the ballot and puts in the work of running a rural campaign. Elections can be stressful and at times, grueling, and thankless. Everyone who is involved deserves our respect and gratitude.

This unnecessary election has created deep divisions regarding vaccinations, lockdowns, and provincial loyalties. Let’s make this clear: this was not an election for Canadians. It was a $600 million attempted power grab in pursuit of a Liberal majority, called by Justin Trudeau at a massive expense to taxpayers. He failed; now he has to face the consequences.

While the election is over, the work has just begun. Ensuring east-central Alberta is heard, protecting our rights, finishing the fight against COVID-19, working towards national unity, promoting our oil and gas sector, and making sure government is held accountable for their actions are just some of the issues I will address as your Member of Parliament. Accountability, responsibility, ensuring that there is effective representation, and taking action so our economy can succeed will continue to be my primary focus while I represent you in Ottawa.

In closing, I would again like to thank the constituents of Battle River-Crowfoot for electing me as your Member of Parliament. Now let's get to work.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50th Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780.608.4600, text 403.575.5625, or e-mail You can also stay up to date with what Damien is up to by following him on social media @dckurek.

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