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Rising Costs Continue to Burden Canadians

In this week’s column, I believe it is deeply important to address the affordability crisis Canada is facing. After six years of Liberal economic policies, we are facing crushing inflationary pressures, rampant and systemic issues in our supply chains and a fiscal situation that is making life less affordable for Canadians of today and the future. I hope to address a few of these concerns.

Inflation is rising at the fastest rate in 30 years. This increases the cost of everything from groceries to fuel. Although this challenge is not unique to Canada, fiscal policies play a big role. When the supply of money is increased, it decreases the value of that money. Conservatives have repeatedly called on the Liberals to spend responsibly long before COVID-19. Some of Canada’s highest spending took place prior to COVID, and during the pandemic, an additional $600 billion dollars has been spent. Although spending was needed to ensure Canadians could get through these challenging times, we have seen that it was done with little oversight adding to inflationary pressures.

Canadians have been hit hard by the rapid surge in food prices. The 12th edition of Canada's Food Price Report released last December predicts the average Canadian family of four will pay an extra $966 for food in 2022. The Liberals’ poor legislative choices hit even deeper than what is displayed in economic data. Trudeau’s proposed mandate to reduce nitrogen fertilizer usage by 30% will only make this worse.

Farmers have a lot of adversity to overcome, and the carbon tax has exacerbated the problems they face. Running equipment, keeping a barn warm in the winter, and drying grain all takes a lot of energy. The carbon tax penalizes farmers and passes on the extra costs to Canadians at the grocery store. Like farmers, the heating bills of Canadians have sky-rocketed because of the carbon tax. Over the last few months, many of you have expressed concern about your heating bills and how much the carbon tax has hurt their ability to heat their home. Additionally, we see increases in payroll deductions and other taxes that are reducing take-home pay at a time when the dollar is becoming less valuable. I vow to fight against the carbon tax, and for the affordable cost of living for Canadians.

Canada has been in economic disarray since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been subjected to more than two years of lockdowns and mandates. Despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, Trudeau is still standing behind strict mandates that are increasingly out of touch with experts’ advice and is resulting in Canadians not being able to fully participate in the economy. We need a path to normal and the ability to live our lives again.

Canada’s Conservatives will fight for your and our nation’s fiscal future, and for a responsible Government that puts Canadians interests first.

Finally, a note about the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Recently, the Conservative Caucus voted for a change in leadership. I would like to thank the Hon. Erin O’Toole, his wife Rebecca, and their children Mollie and Jack for their service to Canada. Serving as the leader of Canada’s Official Opposition is an immensely difficult duty and I thank Erin for his work. When it comes to the future of the leadership of the Conservative Party, I will be sure to update constituents when more details are available. In the interim, it will be led capably by Manitoba MP, the Hon. Candice Bergen.

It is an honour to serve as your MP and to fight for you in our capital.

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Miembro desconocido
01 ago 2022

You're burdening me with your stupid junk mail Damien

Me gusta

The reason for rising costs is because even the conservative party has presented NO opposition to the Liberal/NDP mafia in 7 years.

I'm still waiting for a new leader.

Me gusta
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