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Crime Continues to Rise as Liberals Fail Canadians

Amidst a rise of violent crime in Canada, the Trudeau Government continues to double down on their false narratives and failed policies. It doesn’t matter where you live, crime—particularly violent crime—is escalating fast. From Vancouver to Toronto, and from farms to First Nations’ Reserves, the public safety of Canadians across the nation is at risk.

Canadian media headlines have been plagued with reports of sex offenders being released only to continue their pattern of victimization, random attacks by repeat violent offenders, and gangs seeming emboldened to carry out their criminal activities. We have seen the tragic consequences of this in our communities. Canadians expect their justice system to work and increasingly don’t trust it.

In the eight years since Justin Trudeau took office, violent crime has increased by 32%, and gang-related murders have doubled. Despite this broad increase in crime, Justin Trudeau refuses to acknowledge his role. And further, when faced with criticism, he turns to an old tactic… pretending to take action by attacking those who own guns legally. The Liberals are adamantly focusing on this failed approach to public safety policy and violating the rights of law-abiding firearm owners.

On April 26th, the Liberals’ detailed their confiscation plan, where they will buy back legally acquired firearms from law-abiding firearms retailers in Canada.

The source of crime is not the hunter who stores their rifle away as required by law and does what they have been taught in a government-approved firearm training course or the enthusiast who goes to the range to perfect their craft. And it’s certainly not the farmer who carries a firearm out of necessity. The tragedy is that the Liberals are making life more difficult for all those folks who choose to follow the rules while making it easier for criminals to victimize the public.

The Liberals have created a revolving door in our justice system, made it easier to get bail and parole with Bill C-75, repealed mandatory minimum sentences for serious crimes with Bill C-5 (including gun crimes and assaults), and have failed to take any meaningful action even when given the opportunity. Hardened criminals are walking free because of these actions, and the way Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have decided to address it is to play politics.

I am proud to be the Member of Parliament for Battle River—Crowfoot, an area that encompasses many that are negatively impacted by the Liberals’ crusade against firearm ownership and because of rural crime, our public safety is jeopardized further due to Liberal mismanagement.

The increasing crime rates across this great country of ours need to be a priority of this government and the solutions must be cogent and understanding of the rights of Canadians. It comes down to a simple message, Canada deserves a government that will respect them and do the hard work required to rebuild the trust that has been lost in our public institutions. That is a task that Canada’s Conservatives led by Pierre Poilievre are up to.

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