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Bringing it Home at the Conservative Convention

If you’ve been reading national news recently, you may have heard that the Conservative Party of Canada recently held their bi-annual convention in Quebec City.

Battle River—Crowfoot had a strong delegation of ten local Conservative Party Members attend the convention to strategize, discuss, debate and vote on policy and constitution amendments that will make their way into the future of the Conservative Party of Canada.

One of the weekend highlights was a speech from the Party’s Leader, Pierre Poilievre and an introduction by his wife, Ana. With the cheers and chants of ‘Bring it Home’ coming from the crowd, two things were obvious: the Conservative Party has never been so united, and Canada is ready for a Conservative government.

Pierre discussed many of the challenges that Canada is facing and the things I hear daily from constituents, from inflation hitting 40-year highs, ethical challenges, and concerns about the erosion of freedoms to the revolving door of the justice system. The feedback we have received since has been overwhelmingly positive and folks are encouraged that someone is ready to lead the nation that is ready to address the challenges regular Canadians face and propose common-sense solutions.

Over the past eight years, a lot in Canada has changed. A record number of Canadians are struggling to make ends meet, with over 1.5 million people visiting food banks and a fifth of people skipping meals. The national debt is at an all-time high. And people are loosing trust in our institutions. But we don’t have to lose hope… Life was not like this before Trudeau, and it doesn’t have to be after he’s gone.

Going into policy and constitution amendments, the party agreed on many things to make our country a better, more affordable place to live, work and raise a family. It is this grassroots political involvement that lies at the core of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Conservatives will bring solutions that work for all Canadians, like axing the carbon tax, a punitive tax you pay on things like fuel that increases the cost of everything. For example, when you tax the farmer who grows the food and the trucker who ships the food, you tax the food. And while the Liberal/NDP coalition want to increase the carbon tax to 61 cents per litre, we have committed to scrapping it all together while providing real solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

A few of the other common-sense proposals include a dollar-for-dollar law—when Ottawa wants to spend, they have to find savings and cut waste, which will help bring down inflation; proposing reforms to our broken justice system, with a plan to keep violent repeat offenders behind bars while providing help to those who find themselves trapped in addiction; a plan to make work pay again by cutting income taxes and reducing the clawbacks in benefits that happen when someone works hard; to respect and not cancel our history; and and bring respect back to Canada on the world stage.

I’m proud to be part of Pierre Poilievre’s Common-Sense Conservative team will restore hope to our country and put Canadians back in control of their lives. We will bring home the Canada we know and love. A place where everyone who works hard can bring home a good living and a great life, in the freest country on earth.

It’s common sense, something that I know so many of you are asking for.

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doug wisener
doug wisener
Sep 21, 2023

Hi there that sounds good to me you got my vote I did work my ass off all my working years I paid my taxes every year then I draw the OAS and then clawback over half don't make to me I worked 37 years yo get slapped in the face by my own Govt. then I hear MP works 8 years and gets all looked after for rest of his life which will more than my 37 years cheers Doug

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