Vague, Expensive, & Ottawa Knows Best

This past week, Parliament finally reopened with the Governor General delivering a Speech from the Throne. Although Canadians were promised a path forward out of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, the Liberals instead chose to recycle broken election promises, offer no plan to control spending, and make many vague election style promises.

In fact, this Throne Speech demonstrated the “need” to prorogue Parliament was nothing more than an attempt to avoid scrutiny into Prime Minister Trudeau’s failures and scandals, demonstrating a troubling abuse of executive power.

Other than one promise regarding the extension of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, a plan that only exists because of the hard work of Conservatives, Canadians are left with little new information about the Government’s plan for our nation.

Among many concerns is the growing burden of debt and deficits has been called unsustainable and concerning by experts, economists, and credit rating agencies alike. As the costs for emergency programs continue to add up, Canada is facing the prospect of a fiscal cliff. This should be a cause for concern for all Canadians as the reckless fiscal policies of the Liberals have put our social infrastructure at risk.

Although underreported, I’m deeply concerned about the Liberal’s “Ottawa knows best” intrusion into provincial jurisdictions. The Liberals are committed to their agenda of keeping the provinces on a short leash to ensure they don’t stray from narrow Ottawa-centric objectives. Instead of allowing provinces to serve their regions, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cohorts are continuing to spur a national unity crisis. In the Throne Speech, they go as far as to say they will only work with “willing” provinces and territories.

There are solutions to the critical challenges facing our country that would spur investment, provide certainty for business, and get folks back to work. Solutions need to include the recovery of our national economy, security for vulnerable sectors, and partnering with provinces to ensure Canadians and Canadian businesses have the support they need, not the vague troubling language that leaves the most vulnerable behind, divides Canadians, and impairs our energy and agricultural sectors.

As your Member of Parliament, I am tirelessly working with my colleagues in the Official Opposition to ensure supports are available for individuals and businesses who need it, pushing to get our economy moving again, and demanding accountability on all fronts.

The effects of COVID-19 are still being felt and I know it is more important than ever that we respect our neighbours, use common sense, and most importantly don’t lose hope. As always, if you need assistance with any programs and services provided by the Federal Government please feel free to reach out to my office. My staff and I will do everything we can to assist you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50th Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-608-4600, text 403.575-5625, or e-mail You can also stay up to date with what Damien is up to by following him on social media @dckurek.

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