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Three Issues: Extremists. Caps. Results.

Since my last column, there has been a host of concerns that have flooded the Canadian political scene that have a specific impact on the lives of the folks here in Battle River—Crowfoot. I generally try to keep columns focused on one issue, but this week there are three issues I felt needed to be addressed.

First: Justin Trudeau shuffled his Cabinet after his unnecessary election. One of the big changes was appointing Steven Guilbeault as Canada’s environment minister. The words I use to describe this Liberal Environment Minister are strong but unfortunately accurate… he is a criminal activist, extremist ideologue, and incompetent minister. A close personal friend of Justin Trudeau, he is focused on implementing a radical agenda to shut down Canada’s energy sector, which will put hundreds of thousands out of work. He is also the architect of Bill C-10, a Bill from the last Parliament to which he admitted: “would censor part of the internet.” He has now made it clear his radical ideas will define his role as Environment Minister.

Second: Justin Trudeau, and a large contingent of activists, travelled to COP26, a global meeting on how the world should address the challenges of climate change. Canada is a country that finds solutions, yet Justin Trudeau made the declaration that Canada will cap and bring about a reduction in emissions on oil and gas in Canada. This is the country’s most valuable industry and the one that has already shown that we lead the world in reducing emissions while demand continues to soar and many nations are facing energy shortages. This comes down to something quite simple: Justin Trudeau is attacking my constituents, the hundreds of thousands of Albertans that work in the Energy industry, Alberta’s prosperity, and the ability for our nation to succeed.

Third: Alberta made a statement on October 18th by voting to “remove the principle of equalization from the constitution.” This bold statement speaks to how the Liberal Government’s policies have destroyed Alberta’s ability to succeed… policies that put Albertans out of work, limit opportunities, and destroy our quality of life, not only for Albertans but for all Canadians. Now, high-profile Liberals are complaining that Alberta is playing politics with equalization, I have made it clear that to Albertans this is not playing politics… This is personal.

These three issues are challenges we face... for the past six years, the Liberal Government has had no issue forcing their policies on Canadians while framing it as doing something noble, but rather than leading our nation, they are obsessed with dividing Canadians for narrow political ends.

You can count on Canada’s Conservatives to fight against this Liberal agenda and for what’s right. It is an honour to be able to serve as your Member of Parliament, even in the midst of these challenging circumstances.

Finally, I do want to encourage all Canadians to take time on Remembrance Day to attend, in person or virtually, a service honouring those who fought for our freedom. While we face significant issues as a nation, they pale in comparison to the challenges faced by those who put their lives on the line for our nation. Let us take time to remember.

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Unknown member
Mar 31, 2022

Thank you Damien, for working for us.

I think with the Liberals' leftist agenda and tactics, it's time we take more of an Alberta Independence stand like Quebec does. Enshrine things like our own:

1. Police force, no more RCMP,

2. Pension plan

3. Employment Insurance

4. Environment Policy

5. Alberta Revenue Agency -

a) No CRA dictating what we do with our tax $'s -

b) No more equalization payments - no more giving away Albertan's hard earned money to the those who won't let us build pipelines to bring our oil to market. Also, we don't need to support oil from outside Alberta, let's export it instead, after it's been refined so more of our $$ stay in…


You didn’t mention vaccines passports. I’m sure it isn’t relevant to the people that are vaccinated, but by showing your little card, you are complying with the liberal agenda and taking part, and are part of a discrimination that equals having leprocy in Africa in the 1950’s. Try taking me out to dinner at any fine restaurant, and I challenge you to carry through with it with cameras, with me sitting on the curb and you enjoying that that great steak dinner. This is the Canada you are accepting and will have if you don’t have the backbone to stand up and fight. ENJOY!

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