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Pandemic Priorities

These past few weeks in Parliament have been chaotic to say the least. Despite this, I have been working tirelessly to ensure the constituents of Battle River-Crowfoot are heard.

Since Parliament has been back to work after prorogation, the Liberals have filibustered or used other delay tactics in every committee that has a mandate allowing them to investigate the WE Charity Scandal, causing these committees’ work to stall, including that of the Health Committee. The Health Committee cannot study the worst health crisis in the last 100 years and any potential improvements to the Government’s response as the Liberals find it more important to bail their buddies out of a corruption scandal, yet again.

Conservatives have fought hard against Liberal tactics by proposing a motion which would create a new, special committee that would investigate the Liberals’ mishandling of COVID-19 related contracts. The Liberals responded by threatening to call an election and turned the Conservatives’ WE Scandal inquiry into a confidence motion. This is unprecedented, as never before has a Government turned an opposition motion to create a committee into a confidence vote. I was proud to vote for the motion, and it is unfortunate that the Government felt it was necessary to bully their way out of this by threatening an election call. This threat led the NDP and Greens to vote against this motion. This is, once again, an unacceptable abuse of power and demonstrates how the Government refuses to respect Parliament and democracy. Although disappointing, we have not wasted any time moving forward with our next constructive proposal.

The Liberals have told everyone to be a part of a “Team Canada” effort, even as they shutdown Parliament, annihilating the ability of Parliamentarians, such as myself, to voice the concerns of their constituents. They are ensuring the only ones who will be allowed on this team are Liberals. Government accountability is not only about looking at wrongdoing, it is about looking where we can be better and now it is more important to be better. Canada’s response to COVID-19 and the recovery can be the difference between lives lost and lives saved.

Canadians deserve answers, and the Official Opposition has been there trying to get them. From demanding accountability through Government scandals, to ensuring that government programs that miss the mark are fixed, and that there is a plan for recovery. This is in addition to the many ways the Official Opposition and myself as the M.P. for Battle River – Crowfoot are working to bring strong, ethical Governance back to Ottawa. When talking about being on “Team Canada,” Conservatives have been there, while it seems like Liberals are only playing for “Team Liberal.”

Lastly, I would like to emphasize how much I appreciate hearing your comments and concerns. Your feedback is very important. Whether it is concerns about COVID-19 supports or stances on issues, your input helps me represent you better.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about supports, programs, or inquiries about the Federal Government, please do not hesitate to call my office. My staff and I are here to help.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50th Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-608-4600, text 403.575-5625, or e-mail You can also stay up to date with what Damien is up to by following him on social media @dckurek.

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