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MP Kurek Appointed Deputy Shadow Minister for Rural Economic Development

CAMROSE, AB – Member of Parliament for Battle River-Crowfoot, Damien Kurek, has been appointed as the Deputy Shadow Minister for Rural Economic Development.

“I understand the economic challenges rural Canada is facing and I look forward to being able to advocate for the issues we face.” Kurek stated regarding his new role; “Rural Canada has been hit particularly hard by the policies and direction of the Trudeau led Liberal Government and they need to be held to account.”

“Many rural communities, small businesses, organizations, and families are being held back from achieving their full potential. This unrealized potential includes our legacy industries, like the resource and agricultural sectors, and the ability to see breakthrough in new and innovative sectors that will transform our nation and grow our economy. Rural Canada should be part of the solution to the challenges facing our nation.”

As the MP for the rural East-Central Alberta constituency of Battle River-Crowfoot, looks forward to passionately advocating for rural concerns as he takes on this new role. Additionally, he stated that he is excited to be able to work with the Shadow Minister of Rural Economic Development, MP Bernard Généreux.

The entire Conservative team is focused on holding the minority Trudeau Liberal Government to account and bringing forward positive common-sense solutions to the challenges Canadians face.

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