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Liberal Corruption Threatens Parliament … Again

Last week, the Liberals commenced another attempt to thwart the proper functioning of our democracy; this time in the form of Motion 11. The motion includes a proposal to give the NDP-Liberal Government new powers to extend sitting hours in the House, temporarily remove certain procedural tools from the opposition, and for Justin Trudeau to adjourn the House until September without notice or an all-party agreement, among other changes. The actions of the Liberal-NDP Government are not surprising given their track record of limiting Parliament and the work of Members of Parliament. Conservatives are fighting against the Liberals’ power grab.

As proven during Justin Trudeau’s many scandals, committees are an important mechanism in accountability. They allowed witnesses to testify about the Liberals’ misdeeds and important information to be revealed. Unfortunately, Motion 11 threatens the critical work that committees do because extended sitting hours intrude into committee time and causing them to be canceled. This means the Official Opposition’s ability to hold Justin Trudeau to account will be severely diminished.

Democracy never sleeps and Parliament must function uninhibited and at full capacity. I said that at the height of COVID, and it holds true today. With this Liberal-NDP Government, they will continue to find ways to ensure the voices of Canadians are not heard and that their agenda moves forward. Proroguing Parliament to avoid the fallout from the WE Scandal, unjustifiably enacting the Emergencies Act during the trucker convoy, and now Motion 11 are just some of the examples of how the Liberals dance around the truth behind their corrupt antics. Motion 11, like the Emergencies Act and proroguing Parliament, all allow Justin Trudeau to cease Parliament as he wishes.

Over the past few years, Canada has faced numerous challenges including the pandemic, an economic crisis, and the invasion of Ukraine. These issues need to be addressed and the way to do that is through our parliamentary system. Members of Parliament provide scrutiny and accountability for the way government reacts to the issues impacting Canadians. Considering the invasion of Ukraine, the economic instability we are facing, out of control spending, renewed pressures on our relationship with the United States, our health care system, among many other concerns, it is imperative we continue our work.

Parliament is about voices being heard and now, having witnessed several attempts to hold back Parliament, the keystone of Canada’s democracy, I once again will fight for Parliament to do its job. This should not be a partisan issue as it effects every Canadian. It is an honour to serve as the Member of Parliament for Battle River—Crowfoot and to be your voice in the House of Commons.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 01, 2022

You know what's really threatening parliament? Your stupid flyers!

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