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Knowing the Source

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Among the challenges our world faces, there is very real threat of a further Russian invasion in Ukraine has rapidly increased in previous weeks. On the geopolitical front, the attack on a sovereign nation is completely unacceptable and should be met with stern action and condemnation from our Federal Government. We must uniformly stand with the people of Ukraine in this time of fear and uncertainty. Without a cohesive effort from NATO forces, we risk the spread of Putin’s totalitarianism and corruption.

There needs to be a conversation about energy as well. In a world where simmering tensions and conflict are commonplace, Canada stands out for our regard for human rights, rule of law, and prudent businesses regulations that protect all Canadians. It is deeply important this is recognized, as these principles ensure we have the ability to deliver resources to market, provide job stability, and ensure our environment is protected. Considering this, the world could use more Canada.

I find it troubling that while Canadian industry upholds the ethics and standards that any democratic nation would be proud of, Canada continues to import oil from Venezuela and the Saudis who regularly oppress their own people. And it’s not just energy. Canada has procured and purchased COVID-19 vaccines and PPE from China despite the fact that the Communist Party of China regularly punishes those who speak out against their oppressive ways and continually act contrarily to Canadian values and interests.

The Liberals, and the left-leaning activists who support them, have managed to convince some Canadians and decision-makers that Alberta’s highly ethical oil industry is the climate boogeyman while ignoring the atrocities being committed by authoritarians around the globe. Canadians need a government that has faith in Canadian principles and does not self-deprecate for the sake of political gain.

The cancellation of resource projects such as the Teck Frontier Mine, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the hundreds of billions of dollars in lost energy investment under the Liberals exemplifies their contempt for Canadian energy. Selling out Canada’s own resource sector that has contributed so greatly to Canada’s stability and prosperity has enabled corrupt governments to carry out their agenda. This is something I hope all Canadians seriously consider the next time they go to the polls.

The world still uses oil, and as demand once again grows and prices rise, the need for this global commodity will be filled… the question Canadians need to ask, and the world needs to ask is, “Where do we want that energy to come from?” I plan to make the case that it should come from Canada.

Canada has so much good to contribute to such a tumultuous world because of the ethics and principles we have embraced. I would like to give special thanks and acknowledge the efforts of our military in Ukraine, across the globe, and domestically. As the Member of Parliament for Battle River—Crowfoot, I am proud to be Canadian and represent a constituency that is in the heart of Canada’s energy industry.

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Unknown member
Aug 01, 2022

Russia: doesn't leave stupid flyers in my mailbox

Damien: leaves junk mail in my mailbox

Who's the real villian here?


Feb 02, 2022

I appreciate that you say you stand up for our (Alberta based) energy industry, which Liberals, NDP and Greens have helped destroy. Yes.

But what have we to do with Ukraine? Fix our OWN problems first before fixing other peoples. Forget Ukraine or anything foreign. Canada first means Canafians first, not foreign problems. Let them fix their own, as they created their own big mess. No more migrant and refugee and immigrant problems while too many Canadians suffer here.

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