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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

On Canada’s 153rd birthday, my staff and I had a blast traveling across Battle River-Crowfoot to hand out ice-cream and Canadian swag at pop-up locations in Drumheller, Provost, and Camrose. Although celebrations looked very different this year due to COVID-19, it was great to see such a huge groundswell of Canadian pride.

During these tough times I, like many of you, have questioned and worried about the direction of our country since Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were elected in 2015. While we can point to the way he has damaged Canada’s reputation, divided our federation, eroded our democratic institutions and hurt our economy, I truly still believe that Canada remains the greatest country in the world.

Together we are better. A united Canada is what we need in the face of economic turmoil, the challenges of COVID-19, global instability, and regional grievances. Throughout our history we have seen that time and time again Canadians are up to the task, no matter the odds.

I have a tremendous amount of faith in Canadians and the contributions each and every one of us make to our nation. From coast to coast to coast, we are full of hard-working, respectful, brave, innovative, resilient, and patriotic people who want our great nation to succeed.

Since being elected, I have been heard many stories that show the best of who we are. I hear from our men and women who have or currently don our nation’s uniform, standing up for what is right both at home and abroad. Countless folks who run small businesses have shown resilience in the face of significant challenges, and yet remain optimistic about the future. We are a people who put our ingenuity and innovation to work in solving problems despite everything. I am reminded often of the simple fact that we never give up.

As we continue on through the summer let us not forget to be proud of our nation. Not because we are perfect or because any government is the solution, but because our people stand strong. And let us not forget those who serve, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who come home, many with seen or unseen scars, members past and present of the Canadian Forces. Whether Vimy Ridge, the beaches of Normandy, our many peacekeeping missions, relief during humanitarian crisis, or over the last number of months helping Canadians in seniors facilities during the current health crisis, these women and men are examples of the best of Canada.

I am proud of Canada, Alberta’s place in our federation, and this beautiful rural region. It is truly an honour to serve as your Member of Parliament, both through the good times and the bad. As we celebrate the Dominion of Canada’s 153rd birthday, Happy Canada Day and let us not give up.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50th Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-608-4600, text 403.575-5625, or e-mail You can also stay up to date with what Damien is up to by following him on social media @dckurek.

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