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COVID-19 Update

Ottawa, ON – Effective March 14, 2020, the Parliament of Canada has been adjourned until April 20th, 2020 due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. The decision to adjourn Parliament was agreed upon by all parties in the best interest of our country.

This major decision was not taken lightly. The Conservative Party Leadership Team has ensured that even though Parliament will not be sitting, there will be budget oversight, accountability to governmental decision making, and that Parliamentarians are still able to be responsive to the challenges facing Alberta and Canada.

Conservatives will continue to hold the Liberal Government to account on their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the many other issues facing Canadians.

Battle River-Crowfoot MP, Damien Kurek, stated that, “I encourage Canadians to not panic but pull together in this time of uncertainty. Practically, make sure to follow good hygiene practices, stay home if you feel unwell, and be conscientious while in public. It is important to flatten the curve or simply put, slow down the spread of the virus. If we can lessen the number of COVID-19 cases, we can ease the burden on the Canadian healthcare system and protect the individuals who are most vulnerable to this virus.”

Mr. Kurek added that he has been monitoring the situation closely and has reduced his travel. He will also be following the guidelines related to public gatherings. Be assured however, that he continues to work hard for the people of Battle River-Crowfoot. The office will remain open to serve constituents however, we ask that anyone who is feeling ill contact us by phone or internet.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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