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Canadian National Livestock Brand: Recognition of our Western and Frontier Heritage

Ottawa, ON—Battle River—Crowfoot Member of Parliament Damien C. Kurek is pleased to have introduced a Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-407, an Act to Recognize a National Livestock Brand as a Symbol of Canada's Western and Frontier Heritage. Kurek aims to acknowledge and promote the role Western and frontier heritage played in building Canada, not only in the West, but in the role agriculture, animal husbandry, and pioneers played in the stitching together of our nation from sea to sea. 

“It would be fitting to have a livestock brand as a Canadian national symbol.” More than just a way to identify livestock, a brand holds cultural and heraldic significance. This symbolism is also important for indigenous peoples, especially on the prairies. This bill would give credit to so many, past and present, who have spent their lives building Canada.”

Kurek went on to say: “It is time Parliament recognized Western and frontier heritage, especially the work pioneers, farmers, ranchers and indigenous peoples have done in building our economy and our communities.”

This livestock brand, pictured here, would be a fitting addition to Canada’s inventory of national symbols, which include the maple tree, hockey and lacrosse, and the Canadian tartan, among others. Alberta also has a recognized provincial brand.

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For more information, please contact:

Office of Damien C. Kurek, M.P.


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