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Canada Deserves Better: Thoughts on the Conservative Leadership Race

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The ongoing Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Leadership race has gained high national interest due to a whole host of reasons. From the challenges we face as a nation, including our struggling economy, to an erosion of trust in our democratic institutions and a weariness of the division brought about during the COVID pandemic, polling suggests that a large majority of Canadians are upset with the Trudeau Liberal status quo.

Many of you have inquired about who will be my choice to lead the CPC into the future, both in Parliament right away and the Party into the next election. First, let me share a couple of thoughts that provide important context for this leadership race. It is CPC members that choose who leads the party, not insiders, elites, nor MPs. I, like every other member of the party (of which there is a record-breaking 675,000 members), cast only one ballot. In casting our ballots, it is key that Conservatives stay united and put egos and petty personal ambition aside as we seek to move forward both as a party, and as a nation. We have seen the consequences of division on the right in Canada and Alberta, and we simply cannot afford it.

Out of a strong slate of candidates, the person who gets my #1 vote is Pierre Pollievre.

In making my choice, I spoke with many of the candidates and evaluated each of them carefully. This process includes listening to the people of Battle River—Crowfoot, examining the candidates' records with their ability to define and stick to a narrative, reviewing how they address big issues, and whether or not they can be trusted. Further, good governance and the future of rural Canada are my top priority in making this decision. Pierre checked the boxes and has shown that he can win.

I’ve been able to work with Pierre over the last three years since getting elected, and I really respect that his message doesn’t change. He speaks on issues that matter to Canadians, from economic and fiscal priorities to addressing personal liberty and autonomy, while also championing good government. He is pragmatic and realistic and communicates in a way that resonates with everyday folks. And while he is an incredibly effective prosecutor in the House of Commons, not resting until he gets an answer, he is also thoughtful in the way he addresses the issues we face as a nation.

Canadians are desperate for hope. Unfortunately, that hope can get lost in the midst of the humdrum of politics, media talking points, and how divisive every issue has become. I have watched how Pierre has been able to connect with folks in a way that reminds us that a better future is possible and that Canada is worth fighting for.

Like all political races, the CPC leadership race has had some tense moments, but in the midst, there is a clear desire for change in Canada. For those who are members of the CPC, you should soon be receiving your ballots in the mail, if you have not already. This September 10th the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada will be chosen.

It is an honour to be your voice in Ottawa. Know that I, along with all of Canada’s Conservatives, will keep fighting for the hopeful future our country can have.

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Membre inconnu
03 août 2022

Love it Damien. Every vote

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