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Canada Day: A Time of Reflection and Appreciation

On July 1st, 2022, we celebrate Canada’s 155th birthday. We reflect on the rights, liberties, and freedoms we enjoy as being a part of the greatest democracy in the world. Although our nation is not without its challenges, as often talked about, we see how Canada and its people have persevered in the midst of so much global turmoil.

Canada Day would not be if it weren’t for the efforts of the brave men and women who fought for our country against the most dangerous of adversaries. Through the generations, members of the Canadian Armed Forces have faced and defeated every threat to our nation. It is because of them that we live in a joyous and prosperous Canada. The sacrifices of veterans and current service men and women should never be forgotten. Their contributions will live on through the conversations we are allowed to have, the votes we are allowed to cast, and the beliefs we can hold without facing dire consequences.

From taking in refugees from war-torn nations to peacekeeping missions overseas, to standing up to Apartheid; Canada’s generosity and high regard for human life is renowned on the international stage and has garnered respect and admiration for our allies.

It is not the need for self-congratulations that drives Canadians to do good, but the sense of duty and deep empathy for those in harm’s way. Unfortunately, many people around the world face oppression, persecution, and hardship due to their race, religion, or political affiliation among other characteristics. In stark contrast, Canadians have opened their homes to thousands of refugees with more likely to follow. Canada Day is a time to be gracious and understand that many folks, in a time of despair, choose Canada to call home because of the respect and protection we can offer.

Thankfully Canada has emerged from the abyss of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we still face challenges. COVID has taken a toll on our country. Now is the time to begin the healing process and to unite against the next set of hurdles Canada faces. I have no doubt Canadians are up to the task. We are resilient and have persevered through economic crises, two world wars, and other devastating events. We will heal from the erosion of trust in our institutions. And a Federal Government that is willing to use divisions for its own political gain will not last forever. I know this because Canadians are the reason why our nation is the “true north strong and free.”

We have so much to be proud of, from our people to our resources, to our history, Canada is a nation we can and should be proud of. It truly is an honour to be able to represent this incredible region of East Central Alberta in Canada’s Parliament, and on behalf of Danielle, my family, and myself, we wish Happy Canada Day! May God bless you, and this nation.

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Unknown member
Aug 01, 2022

If anyone has a sign on their mailbox stating "Please don't drop any flyers or junk mail inside", respect that! Coward!

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