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Canada Day, 2024!

Happy Canada Day to everyone in Battle River—Crowfoot and across Canada!

I have been reflecting on the significance of 157 years of history. From time in memoriam to the Nation we know today, the history of Canada is stitched through the land and its people. Although we face many challenges as a Nation, we can look back and see how our history can inspire us never to give up and always fight for what is right.

This year, only a few short weeks ago, we acknowledged the 80th anniversary of D-Day. On June 6th, 1944, troops from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom stormed the beaches of Nazi-occupied Normandy during the Second World War. This was a turning point in the allied fight against tyranny and a defining moment for Canada.  Nearly 15,000 Canadians were a part of the operation, making up almost 10% of the entire initial Allied invasion force. Because of this and the unbreakable spirit of those soldiers, we saw military success, but at a great cost. It was the bloodshed of these brave soldiers which helped lay the foundation of who we are as Canadians: We are people built of resilience and perseverance.

On his final visit to Canada in 1954, Winston Churchill said, "I love coming to Canada. Canada is the master link in ... unity, apart from her own glories. God bless your Country." The Canada of today is stitched together with a history of military victories, technological advancement, and grand railways and pipelines, all of which have become part of our global reputation and National symbols.

Canada’s potential starts with our people. It is folks like you and all those who have gone before that inspire me daily. I am deeply grateful to the veterans who volunteered to serve in our defense, the nurses working double shifts, to the farmers who have the faith to continue even in hard times, to the resource workers who pull wealth from the dirt, to the entrepreneurs who are willing to risk it all to pursue their dream, and the millions of everyday heroes who make up the Canadian story of today. Whether you are new to Canada, or if you have been here for generations, I believe we can share in the pride of Canada being a nation of hopes, dreams and actions.


Let us reflect on our nation's history while acknowledging the challenges. I urge everyone reading this, as we look back on our history, our accomplishments, our losses, and our victories, to not lose hope as we fight and work for the future. Take advantage of this day to talk with your loved ones and friends about the things that are so valuable in our Nation. From Danielle, my boys, and myself, as your Member of Parliament, Happy Canada Day, God bless you, and don’t lose hope as we work together for the promise of what Canada can be.

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