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Canada Day

Canada Day is a time to reflect on our nation; the blessings we enjoy and the challenges we face. There are no doubts we have many challenges such as economic turmoil, inflation causing a rise in the costs of everyday essentials, erosion of trust in our public institutions, out-of-control spending, and increased crime rates. That said, I truly believe Canada is worth fighting for and can have a strong future. The strength of our nation and its people, including those who live across Battle River—Crowfoot, gives me hope.

Canada has both the resources and the expertise the world needs: from our bustling Ag industry to oil and gas to the revolutionary tech sector, as well as the hard-working Canadians that can make this possible. You will hear a lot of proposals from Canada’s Conservatives over the coming months on how we get our nation back on track, but we can trust the resilience and ingenuity of our people, which will be the key to a prosperous future.

Small businesses and middle-class Canadians use common sense when they choose between one expense or another, or when making purchases, ensuring they have the best price. It is the kind of self-imposed discipline shown by Canadian families and small and medium-sized Canadian businesses which needs to guide government spending.

We need to reverse the negative trends we are seeing and give Canadians hope for a better future. We will do this by using and recognizing the common sense of everyday Canadians. We need to recognize this financial strategy can turn into a reality of prosperity.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have witnessed the rules-based international order be called into question. This crisis has brought war closer to the Western world than we have experienced in decades. It’s a reminder of what former US President Reagan stated: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Those who fight for freedom, wear our nation’s uniform and stand for what’s right deserve our respect and support. One of the great honours I have as an MP is to speak with members of our Armed Forces. These men and women display the very best of our people. As a nation, we have done much to help the people of Ukraine. We know there is more to do, and we have to be prepared to defend freedom in every way possible.

Canada needs a government as strong as our people. Canadians use common sense every day to keep our country moving, and it’s time for the Government to take a lesson from them. Through wars, economic recessions, natural disasters, and other catastrophic events, it is Canadians working together to make Canada work. And not only work but to have the opportunity to thrive and prosper.

It’s an honour to be your Member of Parliament, to stand and represent you in our nation’s capital. This Canada Day, I would like to express my appreciation for all who work to make Canada a better place.

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