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Redrawing Democracy

A fair and independent review of electoral districts must be conducted to ensure equitable representation, a fundamental pillar of democracy. In Canada, this happens every ten years. For some provinces, this means redrawing the boundaries and nothing else. For others, with changing populations, it can include a change to a province’s number of ridings. Alberta is one of the provinces gaining seats in this decade's redistribution.

This is needed to bring about fairness in the populations of each electoral district and across the country. After the last census, in October of 2021, an independent commission was formed, and the redistribution process was officially completed last month. I would argue there is still work to do to ensure fairness for Alberta in our national democracy, including senate reform. This redistribution process is a small step in the right direction, with the addition of three seats for the province of Alberta.

The redistribution process involves several steps, including public consultation. Proposals for new electoral boundaries are made public, and citizens and interested groups are given the opportunity to provide feedback. This stage is critical for transparency and local input, which is invaluable due to each district’s unique characteristics.

In Battle River—Crowfoot, many voiced our opinions during the consultation process. This shows democratic values, community engagement and representation at the heart of the process. Many constituents across the region shared their concerns with the original proposal.  The independent commission listened to our concerns and in the end, the district remains largely the same.

However, there are some small changes; New Sarepta will move to the new Leduc Constituency, and the communities of Acme, Carbon, and Linden in Kneehill County will join us in this riding. While these changes won't happen until after the next election, I wanted to make sure you folks know all the details of the future changes. I will be disappointed to lose New Sarepta, but I look forward to representing three additional communities in Kneehill County.

A map of East-Central Alberta, depicting the new electoral boundaries, specifically for the riding of Battle River
The new boundaries of Battle River--Crowfoot

I am regularly asked when the next election will be. I, like so many, hope it will be soon. And let me assure you that my caucus colleagues and I vote "no confidence" continually and are working to show how out of touch the Liberals are with regular Canadians. Unfortunately, with the NDP’s support, the Liberals will most likely remain in power until the next fixed election date in October 2025.

Representing Battle River—Crowfoot over the last two Parliaments has been an honour. Each part of this region, from the City of Camrose to the towns, villages, hamlets, counties, MDs, and the Special Areas, all 53,000 square kilometres of this area of Alberta, shows the best of rural Canada.

I look forward to the next election where I will be honoured to once again represent the Conservative Party of Canada as the candidate in Battle River—Crowfoot and, hopefully, with Common Sense Conservatives and our Leader Pierre Poilievre, will win the election to bring home a nation that once again restores the promise of what Canada can be.

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What does equitable representation do for the electorate when party politics reigns supreme? A minority of the electorates voices only being heard on election day is not a vibrant democracy. All I see from this article is an argument for ever expanding government under the guise of equitable representation when history shows our governments on all levels are far from representative of the majorities voices. How about championing for parliamentarian accountability, specific term limits, effective recall legislation, and a referendum process to name just a few changes to bring about a fundamental democracy. Let's talk about ways to improve all Canadian's democratic rights to ensure the tyranny of legislators over the electorate comes to an end and fundamental democracy can…

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