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Critical Teck Resources Project Cancelled

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

CAMROSE, AB – The proposed Teck Frontier Project, that would have brought nearly 10,000 jobs into the struggling Alberta economy, was rescinded today. This mares yet another failure of the Liberal Government to listen to the economic concerns of Albertans.

The cancellation of this mining project has left Conservative MPs baffled as the Teck Frontier met all the conditions that the Liberals demanded. The project also boasted the approval from every Indigenous group in the areas that surround the project.

Mr. Trudeau had stated during the review of the project that he was considering a compensation package for Alberta if the project did not proceed.

The premise of a compensation package and the lack of action on the part of the Liberal Government to dissolve the illegal blockades has troubled a number of CPC MPs, including Battle River-Crowfoot MP, Damien Kurek.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clearly demonstrated that he does not care about the growing sentiment of western alienation and this decision further threatens national unity. It is yet another blow to Alberta’s economy and Justin Trudeau’s refusal to stand up for Albertans. Canadian infrastructure is in jeopardy because of Mr. Trudeau’s inability to make decisions, even those that follow the rule of law,” Kurek stated.

“Mr. Trudeau, we do not want hand-outs! We want jobs. It is insulting to us that the Liberals won’t let us work. They would rather give out consolatory prizes. I am proud of our energy industry and the products it delivers. We have the most ethical oil in the world, but this is still not good enough for PM Trudeau and the Liberals,” Kurek further insisted.

The Conservative Party of Canada will stand up for Canadian interests and will promote our world-class energy industry.

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