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Bill C-11 and Freedom of Expression

The Liberal Government, supported by their coalition NDP partners, is on the verge of passing Bill C-11. We are seeing, that after months of criticism from the Conservative Party of Canada, the truth of what this Bill is, is finally becoming a national conversation. There is no other way to put it; Bill C-11, like the previous Bill C-10 from before the last election that failed to pass, is a Bill that allows the Government of Canada to censor and control what you see on the internet.

Bill C-11’s proposed censorship is sneaky. It does not say that a regular Canadian or a content creator cannot post something online, that they cannot go onto YouTube, or cannot participate in social media platforms. What it does do is say very clearly that the government could control who sees these posts, opinions, and other content. Through this piece of legislation, the government will expand the mandate of the CRTC so that they will have the power to regulate online content.

The Internet plays a large role in our lives, it has changed how we communicate with one another, our choices of entertainment, and even how we conduct business. Its influence is undeniable, and we need to protect Canadians’ right to use it and keep Government from manipulating it.

The Liberals have used the premise of “protecting Canadian content” as a method to expand their control. The use of this term is deceptive because at first glance many folks wouldn’t have a problem with promoting Canadian content, but the reality of Bill C-11 is that “Canadian Content” is an excuse to accomplish a political objective… we know this because the Liberals have refused to tell us what defines this very broad term and experts have weighed in sharing their concerns. The irony of the situation is that the more the Liberals hide their motives, the more it becomes evident that they have something to hide. This was on full display when they moved closure to shut down debate on this in Parliament. Freedom of expression is critical to a strong democracy that ensures the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens.

This legislation will massively expand the ability of Government, and those with political objectives could manipulate Canadians’ need for the internet for their advantage. Instead of showing you the things you want to view, you would see only the things the government wants you to view.

Conservatives have been working diligently to stop this Bill, have exposed the impact this will have on Canadians, and will continue to work to preserve freedom. You can be assured that a Pierre Poilievre-led Conservative government will repeal Bill C-11, actually promote Canadian content and Canadian creators, and will protect and respect individual rights and freedoms.

I have appreciated the many constituents that have reached out about this Bill and am proud to support the preservation of freedom of expression. Ensuring that everyone from everyday Canadians to Canadian content creators can have their voice is extremely important to me as a Canadian and as a Member of Parliament.

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